A bit different, a lot better!

If you are a an owner of an E-bike that uses the Shimano DI2 or Shimano Steps control system then you are in luck.

We are already established as a registered and recognised diagnostic and repair centre for the Bosch and Yamaha control system.

Well now Shimano is getting the same the attention to detail for diagnostic updates and repairs.

If you use either of the Shimano systems and you havent had your bike diagnosed then you will be missing out on valuable updates that greatly improve your riding experience.

Please visit or call for more details, we are always ready to help and get your bicycle back on track.

A little bit below about the brands we sell

Yamaha PW-SE

Yamaha PW-SE

The PWseries SE inherits all the popular features of the first-generation PWseries and further enhances the pleasure it provides, and it is now Yamaha's new standard model. A compact and lightweight drive unit designed for riding conditions ranging from standard city streets to more challenging, sporty routes, it enables every rider to enjoy an electric assist experience which is powerful yet at the same time smooth and easy to handle. The maximum cadence at which the unit assists your riding performance has been raised from 100 rpm to 110 rpm*.
*Compared to PWseries


Side Switch

A large liquid crystal display designed for a wide range of uses, from city to trail riding. It features a simplified and easily operable large display, with speed and battery capacity functions. High importance has been placed on visibility while riding in severe environmental conditions. Support mode can be changed at the press of a button as you ride.

Yamaha sideswitch.jpg

Yamaha PW-X

Compact & Lightweight

Losing 380g changes the ride.
Introducing a light weight, compact drive unit.


Making the drive unit more compact, means not simply reducing the overall weight of the machine, but also refraining from interfering with the ideal frame design.
Yamaha thoroughly lightened the design by 380g by adopting a hollow axle shaft, using a thinner driven gear, and reducing the case thickness, while simultaneously reducing volume by nearly 13%. We also adopted the 128mm ISIS interface BB Axle commonly used in MTB in response to expectations for a more authentic ride.

Yamah pw-x.png

Multi Switch

The large 2.8 inch color dot matrix display provides clear read-outs and control of the connectivity functions. Several display screens are available for different modes. A newly-designed ergonomic remote switch improves ease of operation. By connecting your smartphone with the display you can enjoy extended features via the app. Display C takes enjoyment of your riding lifestyle to a new level.